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Fun fact: All websites, including this one, use HTML. This is a fundamental part of every web developer’s toolkit. HTML provides the content that gives structure to web pages. Elements and tags let you add text, images, videos, forms, and more. Learning the basics of HTML is an important first step in web development and an essential skill for front-end and back-end developers.
When it comes to creating websites, at first glance, coding languages ​​can seem extremely complicated. It may seem overwhelming to take in all this new information, but by breaking down each of the different elements involved, you’ll find that you can understand all of these essential parts of the puzzle.
In case you’re considering a building web site, at that point you’ll nearly certainly have come over the acronyms HTML and CSS. These two basic instruments frame a few of the establishments of any webpage. In any case, in spite of the fact that they’re frequently utilized in conjunction with each other, they both serve exceptionally diverse purposes when it comes to web coding.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Structure pages with HTML
  • Present data with tables
  • Write cleaner HTML
  • Create Aesthetically pleasing website
  • Manipulate images in a web page.
  • Use forms to collect information from users.
  • Embed multimedia into a web page.
  • Add interactivity to a web page

Course Content

HTML Introduction

  • HTML
  • HTML Editors
  • Project on What Has Been Thought so Far
  • HTML Quiz

HTML Forms

HTML Media


CSS Introduction

CSS Backgrounds

CSS Margin, Border and Padding

CSS Outline

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